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Information about Lumigan Eyelashes

Glaucoma is lumigan multi-factorial, complex eye disease with specific characteristics such as optic nerve damage and visual field loss. In particular, regular eye examinations are critical for those people who are at high risk, such as African-Americans eyelashes and people older than age 65.

If your intraocular pressure is 22-25 mm Hg, the pressure is rechecked in 2-3 months. Measurements are taken for both eyes on at least 2-3 stays.

Wait at least 15 minutes after using Lumigan before putting in your contact lenses. Your healthcare professionals (e. An ophthalmologist performs tests to measure lumigan pressure as well as to rule out early primary open-angle glaucoma or secondary causes of glaucoma. On your second visit, if the pressure is still within 3 mm Hg of the reading at the initial visit, then follow-up visits are scheduled every 3-4 months.

If you develop an eye infection or injury, or have eye surgery, check with your doctor about the continued use of your eyelash bottle of bimatoprost. Gonioscopy is performed to check the drainage angle of your eye; to do so, a special contact lens is placed on the eye.

01 can cause darkening of the eyelid skin and eyelashes, lumigan may be reversible after treatment is stopped. Follow all eyelashes on your medicine label and package.